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3 Mistakes I Made Creating a Big Boy Room


Big Boy roomPinterest is the devil himself.  I’m kidding; if so, I dance with the devil all day!!!!

When I was transitioning my son from a nursery to a big boy room I went to Pinterest to see what I could do to make an exciting big boy room for him. OMG! So many great ideas that I became both determined and overwhelmed. I thought to myself, “If these Pinterest ladies could create these dream rooms, so can I.” My son deserves it, right! It was DIY time.

I asked Caleb what kind of things he liked and he said superheroes. I took superheroes and ran with it. Actually my husband would say I ran it in the ground. I thought I was safe because there are lots of superhero characters to choose from so I could have a variety in his room and he would be happy. Also we had a Superhero Birthday Party and it was great! More importantly, I would be the real superhero, who put on her design cape and hot glue gunned anything not moving! I moved my car out of the garage, pulled my DIY table out and got to it.

Here are some things I did to transition his nursery to a big boy room:

  • zu13934509_alt_1_tm1411062111Bought a cool bed- My husband found this great company called LightHeaded Beds. Their beds have a built-in nightlight in the headboard and a cool remote control. You can even design your own images to appear in the headboard.  They had one that came with Spiderman (Caleb said Spiderman was his favorite) and a random picture of some dolphins.
  • Repainted the giant letters that spell his name (changed them to his favorite color yellow) and staple gunned some superhero fabric to the canvas
  • Repurposed the DIY crayon canvas art from the nursery (added some superhero decals)
  • Bought some accessories: bookshelf, bean bag, rug
  • Changed the lamp shade (used a glue spray and some discount comic material from a fabric store)
  • Art from Amazon
  • Mom's quiltMy mom made a quilt (I’m so sorry mom)

Everyday, Caleb would say “Is my big boy room ready yet?” or “Dad did you see my big boy Superhero Room?!”  He was so excited and I was such a fool to fall into the hype. But I did. The more excited he got, the more little crap I bought.  It started off great! Then I learned I made 3 mistakes during his transition:

Mistake #1: Never ask a 3-year-old what he or she likes! It will change by the minute.

I read this huffingtonpost article recently and could totally relate to this mom and her three-year-old daughter.  Three year olds have a mind of their own.  They grow more independent every day and they change their mind like crazy.  One day it’s superheroes, the next day it’s Minions.  Literally.

Mistake #2:  Believing 3-year-olds are big boys or girls (They are scared of more than you think.)
Caleb told me a couple of weeks ago that he didn’t want to sleep in a big boy room anymore and he wanted his crib. I asked him why and he said the room was spooky and scary.  WTH! I tried to calm his fears and said that superheroes helped people and saved the day. However, his mind was made up. He cried and screamed until I told him he could sleep in Grandpa’s room (guest bedroom).  He moved a couple of books and a night light and snuggled in. For weeks he would sleep comfy, cozy in a queen size bed while he only went to his beautifully decorated room to play and change clothes.

Mistake #3: Check your ego and take that damn cape off

What’s more important, that room that is perfect for Houzz or HGTV or a sound sleeping 3-year-old?  I know it’s a close toss up! I had to realize that room became more about me and my ego and abilities, and less about Caleb.  He was the reason for sure, but I was fueled by the idea of creating a masterpiece, even if it was a little spooky!

So here is how the negotiations went:

Me: Caleb, what can I do to make you sleep in your room?

Caleb: Make my room into a Minions room!

Me: What about your superhero room?

Caleb: It’s too SPOOOKY.

Me: Ok, what can I do to make it less spooky?

Caleb: Take Hulk, Spiderman and Captain America off the walls, get Minion sheets and toys.

So I went to $5 Below and let him pick some Minion pictures, a photo box and a bank.

Then I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond with coupon in hand and bought a Minions bed-in-a-bag set.

He helped me set it up and take down the scariest super heroes. (Notice on the headboard that Spiderman was replaced with dolphins!!!!)

So far he has slept in there with no fights, but this time I am ready for the next round of changes.

Who really understands the mind of a toddler?

New room with Minions

New room with Minions



    • Letricia
    • January 25, 2016

    Loved it.:-) Now he is more relaxed.

    • Stacey
    • January 24, 2016

    I’m glad my toddler isn’t the only one! I get so frustrated when I think I’ve found something she loves, but she’s over it by the time the lady at the register has finished ringing it up! Grrr….

    • Shaniece
    • January 15, 2016

    I loved the superhero room! But the minions room is pretty awesome too.. You are what every mother should be. Flexible! Xoxoxoxo

    • Lisa
    • January 14, 2016

    Allie had Dora the explorer everything! So much pink… It gave me a headache. Lol
    Dylan had a race car bed and followed a transportation theme. Life was a lot simpler before Pinterest. Lol you only had your own ambitions to compete with. Lol

      • admin
      • January 14, 2016

      It’s those pesky ambitions! I’m going back to simple.

    • Justice
    • January 14, 2016

    Decals! Cheap and easy to replace, though I don’t like the look. I bought Minnie Mouse decals when Munchie was into her. I learned my lesson from going Pinterest crazy with her rained-put Yo Gabba Gabba party…not to do a themed room. Well, I didn’t learn that year, but the next year with ANOTHER rained out Pinterest-crazy Ariel party. Get behind me, Pinterest.

    The decals stayed less than six months, so I refuse to do a themed room.

      • admin
      • January 14, 2016

      Yes to decals. I thought I was doing that and then got carried away. SAY NO TO THEMES!!!! Thanks

    • Donita
    • January 14, 2016

    I love this post!

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    Lolol. Great post. Those 3 year olds have got it so good! What a lucky boy.

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