4 Ways to Find Some “Me Time” During #Blizzard 2016

The Blizzard of 2016 is upon us and you are trapped. Seriously, you can’t leave the house. At first, it’s fun; right? No work, no school.  Lots of family time. Games, great food, music. After a day or two the games are lame, the food is gross and the music has stopped.  YOU WANT OUT!   You are used to coming and going as you please and catching a little “me time” throughout the day, even if it’s just a little quiet time at lunch or on the ride home.  Most times as moms, we just need like 10-15 minutes just to take a deep breath, hum a little tune and get back to work.  Here are 4 ways I think you can get a little me time during the blizzard. I haven’t tried them yet but I’m pretty sure I’ve used at least 1 (ok 3) of them in other situations.

Blizzard 2016

Don’t put your back into it!

  1. Fake an injury
    Get all suited and booted, ready to help your spouse shovel the driveway. Make sure to be enthusiastic and ready to help. Don’t go overboard; make it believable.  As you pick up the shovel and place it in the snow, be sure to move slow.  Shovel up to 3 times and quickly grab a limb and/or your back. I’m sure he will ask if you are ok, say yes with an excruciating smile on your face.  Place the shovel in the snow one last time and release an avalanche inducing yelp from your throat. Apologize profusely and limp your ass back in the house. Before leaving say, “I really wanted to help.”  Cry if you have to.  Whatever it takes to get out of there and away from everyone. Get in the bed with a heating pad (for effect) and that should buy you at least an hour of solitude.





They will never find you!

They will never find you!

2. Play Hide and Go Seek (Make sure you are always the hider.)

Plot your hiding place out in advance. A room you don’t use like a junk closet or crawl space. Some place no one will ever want to go and look for you. Set up the space in advance with a flashlight, blanket, book and smart phone. Volunteer to hide and take off. This strategy will only give you about 10-15 minutes before your family starts to panic and you traumatize your children.



What your family thinks you will be doing in the basement

What your family thinks you will be doing in the basement…

3. Ask if anyone wants to help clean the basement.
This is a surefire strategy. Wait until a sports game or favorite show is on and ask if anyone wants to help you clean out the basement. I can almost bet that you will not get a volunteer and no one will venture into the basement for a couple of hours on the mere thought that they may have to help. This should give you several hours. Enjoy!

What you will be doing in the basement

What you will be doing in the basement!








shutterstock_2212947404. After a meal, rush to the bathroom!!!

Have breakfast, lunch or dinner as a family. You will need all of them there as eyewitnesses. As you finish and start cleaning the dishes, grab your stomach a little. If no one is paying attention, gag a little.  Gross, I know, but effective. Stay focused on the end game. FREEDOM. Excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. Hide your favorite bottle of wine, book and cell phone in your hamper. Take a bubble bath, relax and just remember to make some disturbing noises here and there during your moment of peace and quiet. No one will want to enter.


I hope you are able to make a few quick escapes during the Blizzard of 2016. Enjoy every minute with your family but take a moment for yourself!




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