About More Than Caleb’s Mom


Let me be clear: I LOVE being Caleb’s mom. He is the sunshine of my life. My heart. He is one of my biggest accomplishments. I love him being a part of my life. However, as I continue to grow in motherhood I’m starting to see a trend in how I and other moms were being identified.


Have you been a part of this scenario before? (Insert your child’s name for full effect below.)

You are picking your child up from school, daycare, practice and someone says:

“Hi, Caleb’s mom.”
“That’s Caleb’s mom.”
“Caleb’s mom will do it.
“Caleb’s mom, those are nice shoes.” (THANKS!)

I realized that I didn’t know some of the parents names either. I was just as guilty of saying “Oh, Mary’s mom is bringing her to the party.” It happens so quickly. You no longer have a name. You are defined and identified by your child.

Thinking back, it starts before your children are even born. You get married and the first thing to go is your last name. A name you had all of life goes poof and you have to learn to write a new name. (I still don’t write mine well.) As you get older, some people may have no clue what you were before you were married with children.

Growing up, I had no clue what my mom’s interests were. Her interest was our interests (me, my brother and sister). She watched what we watched. She ate what we ate. She did the activities that we did. She traveled where we traveled. It wasn’t until we all left the house that I realized what she liked to do. And guess what: it was none of the things she did with us.

I can see how it happens. As a mom, you feel obligated to be consumed with the needs and wants of your children. You eat, sleep and breathe your kids. It makes total sense. However, I need it all. I want to have it all. I want to take care of my family and still feed my needs and wants. I want to do the things that will make them happy as well as have some fun for myself.

So that is why I am More Than Caleb’s mom. I am a woman who:

  • Likes reality TV (Don’t judge me)
  • Will buy a handbag and shoes in a heartbeat (My weight might go up and down but I can always fit a bag and some shoes)
  • Loves a consignment shop (Because of my bag and shoe problem)
  • Loves music and singing very loudly
  • Loves throwing parties and getting together with friends
  • Always wants a stamp on her passport (Do they still do that?)
  • Loves a fancy meal and a dive
  • Eats cupcakes and loves to read a book at the same time
  • Has a Pinterest obsession
  • Can’t dance but likes to
  • Buys makeup to make her happy
  • Changes her hair every day (not by choice)

I want to share my ideas and experiences with you to help moms be more than their child’s mother. I know you are already great at that. Taking care of yourself helps you be better for your family. Taking time to stay connected with friends and do some things you love is a great way hold on to the things that make you special and unique. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Trust me. Your family will thank you for it! They want you at your very best. Your very best is being able to do more, live more and be more!


More than Caleb’s Mom