Why You Need Consignment and Cupcakes in Atlanta


I think I mentioned before how much I love cupcakes and consignment shops. While I was in Atlanta for the Janet Jackson concert, I was able to experience both — within moments of each other. Now that’s just heavenly.

I used to work in retail fresh out of college and this is where I learned not to buy anything at retail price. What retailers actually pay for a single unit of an item like a dress or pants is unbelievable compared to the marked-up retail price. That’s why there is always a sale. Stores can afford to mark everything down. Tip: If you see something at a department store, wait a couple of days because it WILL be on sale. And like Janet Jackson said, I promise; it’ll be worth the wait!

Now, let’s talk about consignment shops. Consignment shops have been around forever, but the caliber of inventory and space has definitely changed for the better. You can find beautiful pieces that are gently worn and even some with tags still attached. I also love the names of the shops; most are so clever and cute. Like “Mosh Posh” or “Mint Condition.” The retail structure of most shops are absolutely adorable. They look like very high-end boutiques or even small department stores. Whenever I travel, I try to find a cute consignment store to visit (and purchase something if I am lucky.)

Alexis Suitcase Consignment is a beautiful consignment store in downtown Atlanta. They have some great high-end bags and shoes that are beautifully displayed. Also, the clothing is sorted by color and size – the perfect way to find a perfect piece. The staff was ultra-friendly and very helpful. I could have bought the whole store, but thank goodness I only had a carry-on bag. So I settled for a cute plaid blazer. I love the grey patches on the elbows.  I ended up wearing it to the Janet Jackson concert because it was a little chilly and rainy.

As a mom, you want to be frugal and still look great! We all have things in our closet that still have the tags on or we only wore once. Think about consigning your own clothes to make some extra cash so you won’t feel so guilty about that bursting-at-the-seams closet. Also, purchase some very high end labels at a fraction of the retail cost. The ultra modern consignment stores now have all their inventory online so you don’t have to live in the area to purchase great pieces.

Here are some that I have visited that have impressive online shops:

Here are some that are strictly online:

Shopping always works up my appetite, so luckily for me there was a Cami cakes nearby. I don’t need a sandwich; I need a cupcake. I’ve always heard of Cami Cakes from my friends that live in Atlanta but never had the pleasure of experiencing one until now. The cupcakes are really delicious. I wanted to try them all. But I didn’t. The smart thing for me to do was to try a couple of different minis so I could sample a couple of different flavors.  I chose lemon drop, sweet potato and salted caramel. And if that wasn’t enough, I topped it off with some lemon ginger ice cream. (Don’t judge me.)

Grab a couple of hours for yourself and do some consignment shopping and have a cupcake or two…or three.  Take a friend and have some fun!

Share your favorite consignments and cupcake spots and share your boutique bargains!


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