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Day Date is the New Date Night

day dateWhen was the last time you were on a date with your spouse?  You know, a date night. Do you even know what that is anymore?  Pizza night with the kids does not count!  Dating your spouse is super important.  It’s a great way to stay connected.  It makes him feel good and wanted.  And it’s just fun.  Our kids schedules can easily become our schedules and a date ends up at the bottom of our priority list.  Guess what?  You can date your spouse and still make all your kids practices and appointments.  Have you ever thought about taking a day off from work with your significant other to go on a day date? I recommend a day date once a month.  Here’s 3 reasons why you should plan a “Day Date” with your spouse.




Reason #1. No need to book a sitter

Drop them off and hit the town

Drop them off and hit the town.

If you take your husband on a day date during the week your children will be in daycare or school.  That’s possibly a good five to eight hours of fun for you and your mate.  Sitters are expensive and sometimes hard to find.  While your kids are in school or daycare they are totally provided for.  Meals are covered.  Activities are planned.  It’s a worry free date in my opinion. Pack them up and get them ready for school as you normally would.  (Don’t tell them you are taking the day off.)  It’s just an ordinary school day for them and some good ole’ one on one time for you and the hubby!



#Reason 2. Use Your Vacation Time, Don’t Lose It!


In 2014, 42% of Americans had unused vacation time, totaling 500 million unpaid days and an average of 4 days per person.  A day date gives you a great excuse to use your vacation time instead of losing it.  You have worked hard to earn that vacation or personal leave; now use it.  Don’t give it back.  Schedule your day off and make sure your spouse does the same.  Have some fun, and then come back to work the next day ready to tackle that next project.



Reason #3. No crowds or lines

This is my favorite reason.  Friday and Saturday night dates can be draining for a parent.  You have shuttled your kid to different birthday parties and practices all day.  The last thing you want to do is get gussied up to go on a date unless it’s with Netflix.  A day date means you are starting the day with fun on your mind.  You have energy to do something different.  Maybe a local vineyard, a couple’s massage or a late breakfast and a matinee.  Maybe finish a small project together you’ve been putting off and then celebrate afterwards.  A day date, especially during the week means easy reservations, no lines and no crowds and no rush!

My husband and I started taking off one day a month from work to have a day date last year.  Let me be honest and say we haven’t done it every month, but it’s something I am conscious of and really try to do.  If every month seems overwhelming, start off with every other month and go from there. I promise it’s so much easier and more fun than regular date night.

What are your favorite kinds of dates with your spouse?


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