New Year’s Eve Spa Break

salamanderresortI love spas and spa treatments. It’s a great way to unwind and get pampered and have a spa break. Spas are a great place for renewal and reflection.  I found a deal on Travelzoo for the Salamander Resort and Spa and couldn’t pass it up. The Salamander is about an hour from DC and an easy day trip to enjoy the great amenities they offer without having to spend the night. (But you really should if you get the chance.)

Part of the spa break package was the Cashmere Quench Wrap.  It’s described as a “super hydrating wrap that starts with a full body exfoliation before a velvety organic shea butter infused with cinnamon, aphrodisiac clove and exotic ginger is painted on your body. While wrapped in shea butter, your therapist will apply warm Vitamin E oil onto your scalp, followed by a relaxing scalp massage.”  In reality, it was so much better than how it sounds, and especially good because it was New Year’s eve.

massageMy massage therapist used a brush and exfoliated my whole body.  She used soft circle motions on my legs, arms and back.  With each brush stroke I felt all the challenges of 2015 being brushed away.  It was the perfect opportunity to let go of anything I was holding on to.  I said goodbye to any mistakes and regrets. It was all released and I forgot the past as I prepared my mind and body for a new year!  By removing the old, dry skin from my body and I was left with a fresh and ripe canvas. Out with the old, in with the new.

She gently applied this wonderful fig and mandarin shea butter to my new skin. She fed my skin with the nutrients it needed to be soft and supple. As she applied the butter I could visualize all the good things that I would fill my mind and body with in 2016.

To seal in the nutrients and moisture, she wrapped my body with this foil-like material.  I felt like a baked sweet potato.  The foil is used to help your skin soak in the nutrients that were applied.  The foil acts as an warming agent to open your pores so your skin appears new and glows.  It’s also another way to help in the detoxification process. This step symbolizes a new year. I want to surround myself with everything that is good for me.  Good food, good friends, good health, etc.

2016 will be a year of new ways, new ideas and new approaches.

Immediately following the wrap was a 50-minute full body massage.  My masseuse removed tension from my shoulders, back, arms and legs.  This year has to be about letting go, releasing any tensions and becoming more fluid.  I was so relaxed that I feel asleep. (I could hear myself snoring!) I’m not sure how long she quietly was calling my name at the end of the service, but I don’t think my body wanted it to end.  When I did wake up, I was relaxed, calm and prepared for a new year.

I think this may become a ritual for my New Year’e eve. A little spa time to prepare for a new season, a new year.  I wish you all a happy and exciting 2016!Happy-New-Year-Images

    • Regina Scott
    • January 14, 2016

    Sounds delightful!! Happy New Year!!

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