Spring Cleaning Your Life!

1As a Mom, you are always doing your best to raise a healthy and happy family. I am a mother to an amazing boy and as much as motherhood may be the most important part of life, there are times when I just want to focus on me. As spring is the most anticipated time of the year, you definitely need to get a jump start on some spring cleaning. I’m not saying that you need to scrub every corner of your house. (I wish that I could.) But I’d rather take some  time to spring clean my life. It is so vital for us not only to take care of the family but also to take care of the woman behind the family!


Re-evaluate Priorities and Delegate

Taking care of a young one can leave you feeling overwhelmed. You are always running here and there. Even if your kids are a little bit older, you still can’t help meeting their growing demands. It’s time to slow down girl! Over-worrying about your children does nothing for your physical well-being. In fact, you will always end up as a tired mess. Take time this spring to cut down on the overload of responsibilities pertaining your children and focus on yourself a little more. The secret to achieving this is delegation. Ask your spouse to drive your son to his music lessons as you go on a walk. You can ask another family member to tuck the baby in as you enjoy a long bath. It’s time to let your body rejuvenate, after all, it is spring!

Declutter your Brain

Just like we have basic needs like food, water and WINE to survive, as moms, we also constantly need to fill our minds with positive thoughts that will uplift us rather than bring us down. Is your nightstand filled with books that only talk about parenting? If so, you need to do CLEAN UP! Invest in a few entertainment magazines, inspirational books, romance novels and ensure that you are satisfying all your needs.  Fill your brain with fun, challenge and intrigue.

Find Your Social Butterfly

Are you spending all of your free time at home being a mom? If you do not have a life outside your home, you need to get one. If your friends are Debbie downers, it’s time to clean house. Surround yourself with people who will build you up not just add misery.

During spring, it’s certainly time to come out of your winter slump. If you put these tips to practice, it will help to make life a little easier and help you become an even better mom (if that’s even possible!)

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    • April 9, 2016

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