Kapow! How to Throw an Amazing Super Hero Party


I love birthdays (especially mine). My son just turned three and I had been planning his party for weeks. His birthday is a day before mine so for the next 18 years he will always have an outrageous party if it’s up to me.

His thing right now is superheroes so I decided to host a super hero party at home. I’m just getting started on the kid birthday circuit and I am already not a fan. So much pressure with the theme, the invite list and all the prep! Nonetheless, I wanted to have a party that the kids could enjoy, but I also wanted parents to have a little fun too. How do you plan a three-year-old’s party that adults can enjoy?

You, too, can save the day with ideas from my last party for my son:

Low expectations

First, and so important, set low expectations so everything you plan will go according to plan. You are dealing with kids. As much as you love the way your table looks, your kids will not be impressed. (But the parents will be!)

Make your activities quick and easy

IMG_0057I had the games set up in stations but that went awry pretty fast. The important thing is to try to keep kids busy and not screaming, kicking or crying!

Help is necessary

Every super hero or heroine needs a sidekick! Enlist the older kids to help out. Since I had a super hero themed party, I assigned the older kids the role of villain. I made capes for all the kids; the older kids’ capes were black and they sat at a separate, “big kids table.” They were eager to help. My dear friend’s son came over an hour early and that was a big help. He set up the games and did all the last-minute tasks while I took a shower and tried to look halfway decent before guests arrived. I hate to come to a party and the hosts are still setting up and sweating like pigs!!!! As a host, you should try to make it look as effortless as possible (even though we all know it takes all the effort in the world).

Send your children away during setup

Make your little ones disappear – especially if they are young. There is no way I would have ever been able to set up Caleb’s party with him in the mix.  I was fortunate that his grandma had a couple of hours to hang out with him. But if I had to, it would be worth the money for a sitter.  

Infuse adult food and beverage

Treat the parents like adults and offer them food they actually like. They will thank you and it will help them to actually attend the party and enjoy the party even more.  I had the kids food in the basement where the kids hung out. Their menu included:

  • Pizza (Ledo’s)
  • Corn dogs (Trader Joe’s)
  • Juice boxes
  • Cupcakes 

The adults had food and drinks in the kitchen and included:

The dessert table was tres important to me. I like styling the display as much as I like eating the treats! Check out Pinterest for help.

Desserts were:

Have an after-party for your non parent friends 

So the party is dying down. You’ve made too much food (everyone does because who wants to run out?).  If you know that’s going to be the case, go ahead and send a quick note to friends for a post celebration to eat and drink the leftovers a couple of days before the party. For me, it was great because I could not only celebrate my son, but I could toast and celebrate my birthday, too. Triple score: I did not have to eat leftover snacks and cake for the rest of the week.

Happy birthday to Caleb…and Happy Birthday to me!

Share your superhero or theme party successes and ideas!