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Make Time for You During Family Vacation

Massanutten-Resort-460x335Recently, my family went on a mini vacation. Just a couple of days to spend some time together without schedules, commitments or responsibilities. Most times when families plan vacations they have to be child/children focused. If the kids are happy, we are happy right?  Not all the time… It would be great to go on vacation and find fun for everyone.

For our little getaway we found a family resort that had something for everyone.  We took a two hour drive to the Massanutten resort near Harrisonburg Virginia. Massanutten is a four season resort in the heart of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. It’s beautiful and very relaxing. There are great choices to immerse yourself in activities from sun up to sundown or do absolutely nothing.  What I love most is that there are options to do family activities and you can still make time for yourself.


Here are some ways we made time for ourselves as well as our child on vacation:


Don’t overplan with activities

Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation.  Why? Because you have made an itinerary for every minute of the day.  Long days on vacation can make you tired, grouchy and irritated. If I want to feel like that I can just stay at work (kidding…kinda). Don’t get worn out on vacation. Plan activities but decide what you really want to do and do that.  At Massanutten there are classes, 7 pools, game rooms, parks, an indoor waterpark, and more.  Caleb is 3 so we really took it easy.  We went to the playgrounds, the petting zoo, the arcade, family night karaoke and rode bumper cars.  We did not do it all in the same day.  We made time for walks, leisure time, naps and meals.  Everyone was happy and no one was overwhelmed.


Check out kids’ clubs

kids clubHow can parents get a little me time during family vacation? The answer is kids’ club. Kids clubs offer infants, toddlers, tweens and teens an escape while parents take part in adult activities.  As you are planning your vacation, check to see if resorts have kids’ clubs.  Some are even complimentary. Massanutten has a great kids club with different themes every day,  The theme Caleb participated in was called “A Bug’s Life.”  They made bug artwork, played bug games, went looking for bugs, had dinner and watched a movie.  He was in a safe and supervised environment from 4-9 pm.  During that time, we went to a nearby winery where we enjoyed wine tasting, a great dinner and live music . Fun for everyone!


Take turns with one-on-one with your child

spaOn vacation, it’s ok to split up to get a little personal time.  One day while I went to a spa and Daddy played golf, Caleb stayed in the condo doing puzzles and playing games with Auntie.  On another day when Daddy went to the golf range, Caleb and I had some snuggle time and just took it easy.  An hour or two alone will not spoil a trip.  Take it and don’t feel guilty about it!IMG_3533 (2)

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