The Courage to Be Cute

Make up class at Seven and CompanyI’m lucky enough to have a best friend that is a celebrity hair stylist extraordinaire: Adrin Seven Washington. Boy does that come in handy! This fall, he hosted a makeup class to get everyone ready for all upcoming holiday parties, and end of the year soirees. One of the reasons I decided to participate was because he offered an “audit” of each attendee’s current make up routine and required everyone to bring their current makeup bag.

Goodness knows I needed an audit! I love to buy and try makeup, but the problem is that I love it in the store and then when I get home, it goes into a Ziploc bag, never to be seen again. The other challenge is taking time to do makeup. Mommy doesn’t have time to put a full face on for work. I take that back…sometimes I do have the time but not the energy. I wanted some quick tips to help look great in the shortest amount of time possible.

Here’s a quick list of what I learned during this super fun class.

1. Put your concealer on last

This was new to me, but after Seven explained it, made so much sense. Your foundation is just what it’s called. Foundation is the base for everything else. Once your face is covered with foundation, the concealer then can be used to hide the smaller imperfections and your face will look smoother and less cakey.

Put your concealer on last.2. Use your Fingers

Throw away your sponges and wedges and use your fingers to apply your foundation.  The warmth from your fingertips will warm the makeup and help it go more easily and blend into your skin.

3. Use powder on your brows

Eyebrow powder is the secret tool for great looking eyebrows. Applying a powder can help brows look full and more natural than a pencil. Don’t use black; it’s way too harsh and can make your brows look scary. Also, you can use a dark eyeshadow instead of buying an eyebrow powder.

4. Use your lip pencil as lipstick

Lipliners can become a great matte lip color. It’s great for your 9 to 5, and lasts a long time. It’s also a necessary base for whatever lip color you choose. And vice versa: you can use lipstick as a way to line your lips as well.

5. Don’t leave the house without lipstick

If you can’t do anything else, put on some lipstick before you leave the house. It’s a quick way to add some extra pop to your face if you don’t have time for anything else. Also, leave a neutral lipstick in your car and office drawer — that way there is no excuse for a naked face.

What’s your favorite makeup trick or tip?

    • Letricia
    • January 25, 2016

    Concealer tip really works!! Changed my life!

    • Sharhonda
    • January 8, 2016

    Yes NEVER! I often tell that to all the ladies/women I know. I think it brightens up your face (even when there is nothing else there). Love the tips!

    • LRenee
    • January 8, 2016

    Love these tips! #5 is a must! I learned that from my grandma!

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