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More Than a Mom of the Week: Tamika Felder

tamika-1 (2)Tamika is my More than a Mom of the Week. Tamika Felder is a Cervivor, Cancer Advocate, Speaker, Purposeful Living Expert, Writer, Producer, Host, World Traveler, Foodie, Pinterest Addict and HuffPost Contributor. She is working on her first book about her rules for life. She is also a mom, a stepmom and I am thrilled she is sharing what makes her more than a mom.

What makes you more than your child’s mom? 
Being a stepmom is something that I take pleasure and pride in. I am more than a mom because I have to be. I want to show my stepdaughter that while you do have to adjust your life for children, that it should not stop your life or your dreams. I have certainly had to adjust my hectic schedule now that it isn’t just me. I’m still busy, but I make sure I take time for me. It’s a balancing act, but I make it work.

I love that my stepdaughter understands that the work that I am doing in the cancer community and its lasting affects to save lives. It is my greatest honor.


How do you balance the role of a mother, wife and business owner? 
Honestly, I wish I had a perfectly packaged answer, but I don’t. I manage the best I can and most times we make it work, but there are times when it doesn’t. For example, for the recent Martin Luther King Holiday, my stepdaughter really wanted to go to the monuments before we dropped her back off to her Mom. We didn’t make it in time because I had two phone interviews that ran way over. I felt terrible. However, I was so proud that she understood the importance of the day and wanted to spend some time at his monument. But, I was also proud that she didn’t want me to cancel my call. She also knew that I had pushed the calls from the day before so that we could spend some quality family time together. So, in the end it really did work. It’s my perfectly imperfect life.


How do you make time for yourself and what do you do when you have me time?
I travel a lot for work. So sometimes I will spend an extra day or two wherever I’m headed and just sleep. Let me tell you, sleep is not overrated! :-) I’ll also make a spa appointment if needed, but for me it really is uninterrupted sleep. You have to be able to relax and reset. For me it’s what keeps me going. I used to think that I was superwoman and could juggle it all. I am not Superwoman and unlike Chaka Khan, I’m not every woman. I can’t juggle everything.


When was your last “more than a mom moment”?
My last “more than a mom moment” was an epic trip to London and Dubai. Both were 1 day business trips that were a day apart. I extended both by a week, so I was gone for a total of 2 weeks and 2 days. My best friend came and met me in London. She’s a new mom and this was her first major trip away from her daughter. It was good for her, and it was good for me. Don’t get me wrong, I missed my husband and daughter like crazy. We sent text messages and FaceTimed almost daily, but it was good not to worry about dinner, homework, pick-up/drop-off or the latest Tween angst. I don’t regret it at all. I needed that trip to really map out some things for my business, family, etc. and my time in Dubai gave me just that. I spent a lot of time soul searching, writing and of course sleeping.



I need some “more than a mom moments” like Tamika.  How inspiring.  Tamika lives on Facebook /tamikafelder but also loves to play on Instagram and Twitter.  She’s also totally obsessed with Periscope and trying to figure out SnapChat — all @tamikafelder and her cyber headquarters is www.tamikafelder.com


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