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More Than a Mom of the Week: Tiffany Nash

image (3) (2)My more than a mom of the week is party planner, Tiffany Nash. Tiffany is a former, decorated school teacher who has a colorful imagination, a gift of creativity and a love for children. She is a mother of two and desired to fuse her fulfilling interaction with children with her flair for party planning. She traded in her chalk and grade book for craft paper and a glue gun and has been putting smiles on children’s faces ever since.  Her company, Playdate (great name) takes the hassle out of party planning so we, as moms, can actually enjoy the party.  I am so excited she agreed to share some of her experiences with us.

What makes you more than your children’s mom?

I care for and love my children with my entire being. However, I am more than just mommy, I am Tiffany as well. I ensure that my children are well taken care of, educated, active, cultured, etc. But I also find time to be and embrace what I was before motherhood…Tiffany. Carving out my “Tiffany-Time” keeps me happy and balanced, and because of that, I believe my family benefits greatly.

How do you balance the role of a mother, spouse and business owner?

I will admit, the balance between being a mother, spouse and entrepreneur can be quite challenging. The roles I play in each of those categories is vital, and I want to give 150% in each one. But as life would have it, sometimes that just can’t be done.
My experience as a teacher, has allowed me to introduce scheduling into my household and business. Although it may sound boring and regimented, it definitely works for all three facets and keeps everything running smoothly. As my children grow older, and become a little more independent, I believe the scheduling will relax accordingly. However, the area I do not schedule is the special time with my husband; that’s one area that should remain spontaneous .

How do you make time for yourself and what do you do when you have me time?

Twice a month, I allot myself that “Tiffany Time” I mentioned earlier. During that time, I do outings with my girlfriends — dinners, amusement parks, mini getaways, etc. I also started a book club a few years ago called the Chapter Chicks, which allows me to escape into novels and have interesting, and many times entertaining, book talks with the club members.

When was your last “more than a mom moment”? What did you do? 

Actually, last weekend was my last “more than a mom moment.” I enjoyed some girl-time with my girlfriends and the next night I had some much needed alone time with my husband while the kiddos are with the Grands. I really look forward to those moments.


Thanks, Tiffany, for sharing with us.  Tiffany also hosts “playdates” for adults.  To stay connected with Tiffany, follow her @:

Instagram~ Playdate_Parties




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