I Call My Own Shots in ATL: The Janet Jackson Concert Trip

When one of your best friends of 20 years calls and says I have tickets to see Janet Jackson, all you can say is YES! I mean Janet Jackson is a pop icon. Because of Janet, I knew I could be in “control”  of my life by 17 – or at least I had high hopes. Janet made me believe it’s OK to “wait a while” in relationships. She was one of the first triple threats in my book: dancer, actor and singer. I could go on but I won’t.  Let’s just say I said yes first and then realized that the tickets my friend bought were for a show in Atlanta, GA — and I live in a Maryland suburb of Washington, DC.

What does a mom do? Wash your kid’s laundry, purchase an extra box of pullups, kiss the baby and husband and jump on a flight to Atlanta for a great weekend. Remember, I’m more than Caleb’s mom!  I’m also a Janet Jackson fan!

My best friend Z took care of the concert tickets and hotel. All I had to do was show up. This was great rationale for my husband, if I needed it. So the plan was to meet at the airport and take off. I took a cab to the airport from work and Z took the metro. Our flight departure time was 7:10. At 6:50 no Z. Just a text that said the metro is 20 minutes late. Yikes!!!! I started to panic. Should I cause a scene to slow down the flight from taking off? Wrong answer. It would be just my luck that I would get thrown off the flight while she gets on.


I get to my seat, buckle in and say a prayer that she makes that flight.  I would hate to see Ms. Jackson without her (But I WOULD). Then I see Z filling in the middle seat – sweating to death – so needless to say she raced to the gate!

ATL here we come!

Once we landed, we checked into our hotel and I must say the LOEWS in Midtown ATL is beautiful. Great service and the perfect place for a girls getaway weekend. I really enjoyed having complimentary car service. Most Loews will take you anywhere within a three-mile radius which is excellent for Midtown.

I will talk about the hotel, food and more in another post. Let’s focus on Janet.

First, it was raining so we were concerned because the concert was at an amphitheatre. Would they cancel?  Would she slip and fall? Would the fans not show up?

None of the above. Die-hard “Ms. Jackson if you nasty” danced in the rain.  It was a light rain so it didn’t stop the fun.

Janet was as beautiful and striking as ever. She is still a great dancer and puts on an amazing show. Janet is a great entertainer and really did a beautiful job incorporating her old  favorites with her new album. I don’t remember one person left in his/her seat as she performed. I also loved the venue; it was small and intimate, just me and Janet. It was nice seeing other fans and watching people singing right along as if these songs weren’t originally sung 20-30 years ago. (Damn, I’m old!)

Me and Z in line to see Janet!

Me and Z in line to see Janet!

Z and I laughed, danced and sang the night away. It was great to just be a girl. No bedtimes, no potty time, no dinner followed by a lullabye. Just two girls that are Janet Jackson fans and in control!


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