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More than a Mom of the Week- Celena

Children’s-1 (2)Celena is our More Than a Mom of the Week.

Bliss Expert Celena Gill of Celena Gill Lifestyle Consulting inspires women to live fearlessly bold by dropping the patterns and layers that have kept them prisoners to their past. As an empowerment coach, bliss expert, and motivational speaker, Celena specializes in teaching boldness, unleashing fears, moving out of the past, living on purpose, and choosing joy. She truly “walks the talk.”

Although she has degrees in psychology, anthropology, education, and law; she was divinely led to entrepreneurship after losing her dear mother Benita to breast cancer in 2006. Celena was finally moved by the deathbed confession of her mother to transform her own life. Her mother told her, “I regret that I didn’t live the life that I really wanted to live. I was too afraid. Don’t live your life that way. Live your life your way.” That revelation prompted Celena to drop her educational and law careers to pursue her own dreams with the support of her husband, Patrick and four sons (Nasir, Collin, Ryan, and Austin).

Celena’s motto is “Live your best life naked without shame and blissfully free of fear—only you can live the best version of your own life.”

What makes you more than your children’s mom?

I believe that as a woman, I have to create roles for myself and not let society dictate those roles for me. I am a woman first and a mom second. In that context, my world is much bigger than the activities of my children. Too many moms let their children’s schedules control every decision in their lives. Each woman, regardless of whether she is a mother or not, has a purpose and a passion in this life. The biggest mistake that we, as women, make is putting EVERYONE else’s needs before our own. We are socialized to be nurturers, comforters, and caretakers of OTHER people. We often are not instructed in the practice of self-care—to our detriment. When we seek to take care of ourselves first, we are deemed selfish. But it is selfish to NOT take care of yourself. By being more than just a mom and putting womanhood first, you are essentially creating a household of peace and sustenance. If mom isn’t happy, then no one is happy!

How do you balance the role of a mother, wife and business owner?

There is no such thing as balance. A balanced life is a lie—it requires you to juggle all the components of your life evenly. This will never happen. What I tend to do is focus on different areas in my life as necessary. Sometimes the mom duties take up more space than business duties. Sometimes the opposite occurs. Wifely duties always come first—I believe that my priorities are God, spouse, family, business–in that order.  Kids will grow up regardless of what a mom does or doesn’t do—so I do what’s best for my schedule based on my needs. If I have to take a business break because my family needs me, then so be it. Other times, my husband has to take on more of the household role so I can grow my business. It is vital that my husband is on my team so I can keep the mom, wife, business owner “machine” going.

How do you make time for yourself and what do you do when you have me time?

Massages, massages, massages! I have a monthly massage that is a requirement for my sanity. I also spend at least once a week in my fave bookstore cuddled with tea and juicy reading material. A yearly girls trip also helps me not go crazy. You have to make time for yourself!

When was your last “more than a mom moment”?

My last MTAMM was a staycation with my husband. We have a favorite hotel in Capitol Hill. We completely indulge in each other, laze around, and sleep.  It’s those mini-moments that keep me motivated and keep me going. My mommy me time moments don’t always have to be a solo venture. :)

Celena truly embodies the More Than a Mom movement and I thank her for sharing with us.
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    • Stacey
    • January 24, 2016

    Celina, I love that you put God first, then your husband, and then your kids. I think too many moms cut their ties to the first two to care for their children and then wonder why they can’t do it all alone. Thanks for sharing!

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    Love this! I’m looking for more #MTAMM moments for 2016! Thanks for the insight on balance, Celena! Makes so much sense.

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